On the rubble, I sit in defeat
Watching the skies where war and peace meet
I hear the cries of a tale of hearts weighed down by chains
Yet a glee of resilience blooms midst the endless pains
The stones of Jerusalem bear witness to the torment
Whispers of yore, waves of uproars while children gather the scattered fragments
Gaza’s skies bear witness to a poignant plea
Chains of sorrow bind the feet, yet hope runs free
Children’s laughter amidst shattered walls
Dreams soaring high, defying the calls.
Explosion roars through the state
Unheard remain the wails to overcome fate, to escape
Birth is longer than life
In Palestine, death is the price of strife
The bail of mothers
The screams whilst the smother
The cadavers on the roads
The souls on the way to the abode
Still, carry the power greatest of all,
Hope, the faith of reverting the tragedy to befall
Amidst the rubble, a yearning for peace,
A longing for harmony to never cease,
For every soul seeking a tranquil morn,
In the heart of a land with wounds still torn.
A smile on their faces, with peace in their hearts
The People of Gaza are far apart
Bounded by the light of hope
For in their minds, they hold the rope
Connecting peace and war
Connecting the sea and shore
Connecting hearts, connecting faiths
Connecting a land free from deaths
For as the last leaf of the tree falls
The war state witnesses the breaking of walls
Making a land where borders blur and hearts unite,
In a world where peace becomes the light.

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Featured image credits to MissKarin on Pixabay

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