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Do you love writing poems and want to publish your poems online? I have good news for you! I will publish your poem for free. But I have conditions! Read on to understand how you can get your poem published on Poeticia.

5 Steps to publish your poem online for free

  1. Write your poem
  2. Add poetic elements to it (metaphor, simile, lyrical, ode, haiku, etc.)
  3. Edit your poem
  4. Proofread your poem
  5. Submit at

Guidelines for Publishing your poem online for free

1. Submit your poem in the email body itself at

2. Make sure your poem is grammatically correct with proper placement of punctuation marks. If you do not do this, your poem will not pass the review stage even if you’ve written an amazing poem.

3. Please edit and proofread your poem well before sending it. The first alphabet of sentences should be capitalised. Yes, I’ve had many submissions where capitalisation was an issue.

4. If your poem reads like a letter or a linear sentence, it will not be considered to be a poem and will be rejected. Do not dedicate a letter to someone as a poem.

5. Your poem needs to have elements of poetry like metaphor, simile, lyrics, descriptions, etc.

6. Once submitted, your poem will enter the review stage. If approved, it will take a minimum of two months to get published due to the huge inflow of poems daily.

7. If your poem is approved and published, you will receive an email notification that your poem has been published on our website.

8. If within two months of submission, your poem does not get published you will not receive an email notification for the same. You are free to email us regarding the status of your poem.

9. Please ensure that your poem is original and authentic and not copied from any source.

10. If your poem is approved, I will take the liberty to add or remove words at my discretion without giving you any notice. This is because I might find some words unappealing to the readers. However, the meaning of your poem will not be changed after altering the words.

11. An image appropriate to your poem will be selected and published by me.

12. Other than English, if your poem is in any other language, please send an English translation of the same along with your original poem.

Reach out to me at to publish your poems for free today!

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Featured image credits: MidJourney from Pixabay