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Are you interested in making your career in poetry by becoming a published poet? Publishing your poem will give you a competitive edge in this profession and allow you to improve your craft. If you are confused about how to become a published poet, we have a guide for you.

  1. Participate in literary competitions

It is one of the best ways to become a published poet, as well as assess how strong your poetry writing skills are. There are so many anthology competitions happening all year round that you can participate to get your poem published. The best method to track these competitions is to subscribe to poetry newsletters and follow poetry pages on social media.

2. Send your work to book publishers

If you have been writing poetry for quite a few years, and are confident about your skills, this is the best way to become a published poet. You can get in touch with book publications and have a detailed discussion regarding the same.

3. Submit your poem to websites

There are several websites on the internet where you can submit your poetry. Search “publish my poems online”, and you will get plenty of options. However, some of these websites may charge you for submission. On our website Poeticia, you can submit your poem for free. Clear writing guidelines are mentioned on our website, which you must follow to better your chances of getting published. Even if you don’t get published, you can ask for a status update, and our team will give you a personalized response on why your poetry got rejected and how you can submit better poetry next time. If you are starting in this profession and need an idea of how to write better poems, we have several blogs on our website to help you out.

4. Submit your work to literary magazines and journals

Read all guidelines given on the websites of these mediums, and edit your work accordingly before submission. You can find so many options with a simple Google search “publish my poems online.

5. Create your poetry blog

If you are getting rejected from these places, it means you need to refine your writing skills. The best way to do this is to create your blog and post on it as frequently as you can. It will keep you consistent and accountable. Promote your blog on newsletters and social media.

6. Open your poetry page on social media

Though this is not one of the best ways to develop your portfolio as a writer, it is still a relatively easy way when you are just starting. You can post a poem daily on your account or post three to four times a week at least, depending on the pace that suits you. Promote the link to your poetry page on your main social media accounts and share it personally with as many people as you can. Initially, you need to promote your page constantly to grow your followers, but as you put out more and more quality content, your follower count will increase automatically. It is a great medium to increase your popularity as a poet and get validation for your work.

Becoming a published poet is one of the best achievements of any poet. If you sincerely keep submitting your work on all these mediums, you are bound to get published.

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