Voice of Justice ~by Rachel Israel

To be in the presence of counsels is where I reside.

Everyone seek me out earnestly but they cannot find me.

I am not amongst scorners or scoffers,

but I am seated in the most lofty place very high in the Heavenlies.

I do not drink wine of idleness yes my drink is not of this world.

I am imparted in many, but not many use me.

Those who do evil I will bring Justice against you,

and those who do good will be Justify by me.

I do not dwell in the hearts of the wicked, selfish or self righteous,

but instead I dwell in vessels whom God has chosen worthy to carry me.

I do not need a mic to be heard, but just the right time, 

for my God has created them both, (voice and time).

Only those who have an ear to hear, they will both hear

and understand what the Holy Spirit of the Lord is saying.


Emazu is Justice

Want to try your hand at poetry? Email me at poeticiapoems@gmail.com

Featured image credits to Ottomanartist from Pixabay

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