This time

This time, this day nothing is constant
At this moment, this argument nothing is constant
This thought, this solution approach nothing is constant
This beauty, this charm nothing is constant
This timetable, this stubbornness nothing is constant
Oh! This life is itself NOT constant
This temporary mindset will dissolve away
This urge to succeed will fade away
These topics of argument will slip away
This burning midnight oil will sleep away
This night by day will move away
Oh! This smile should NOT go away
Your everydayโ€™s little work will shine someday
Your scribbled thoughts on paper will be out someday
Your all efforts will pay you back someday
Your wishes, your choices will be there someday
Your attitude will change with the addition of gratitude someday
Oh! Your BETTER version is out there “SOMEDAY”


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Featured image credits to GoranH on Pixabay

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Prasad N
Prasad N
4 months ago

Amazing just keep writing….p๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

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