This one i call deaths cold embrace,its a free form

I did not dare look death in the eye.

I feared if I did, death would see me for who I truly am.

Death would see my every mistake and wrong doing in life,My insecurities and failures.

I did not dare voice that I was scared.

For I feared what death would say.

Would death be cruel? Would it Mock my fear and laugh at my shaking voice?

Or would death pity me,for I am a miserable human in its eyes.

Movement caught my attention and everything I had feared melted away.

Death opened its arms for me and smiled

“Welcome home”

It took me in its arms.

And I wept in death’s cold embrace.


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Featured image credits to CuriousHunter on Pixabay

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Chukwuma Livinus Ndububa
Chukwuma Livinus Ndububa
4 months ago

This poem, “Death’s Cold Embrace,” beautifully captures the raw vulnerability of facing mortality. The fear and introspection depicted resonate profoundly, and the twist in the end, where death welcomes with a comforting smile, adds a poignant touch. The imagery and emotions woven throughout create a compelling narrative that invites reflection on the inevitability of life’s end. Well done in conveying such depth and complexity within a free form structure.

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