I’m drinking alcohol and getting wasted, this is fast living

I chose substances over all these girls, my heart is past giving

I might fall in love for real with her, she’ll be my last diving

In the meantime I choose myself, I choose to get drunk

Its okay that you think I’m selfish, you can call me
a punk

But for me it feels like I get the meaning of the word intelligence

My idea of choosing myself is creepy and I know, I get the relevance

And with my heart and mind right now, I swear I made an allegiance

I’m still young and getting wasted, I guess that’s how I taught myself diligence

But now I’m taking a break from all of it and focus on my studies

Soon as I believe my words, I will also have the
conversation with my buddies

I need a clear mind and to pave my future with a reasonable course

The liquor will only give me the hype, and that always have been the cause

And whenever I feel drunk and high, my brains opens up and my life on pause

Then I start having thoughts about my life and what I want to do with it

That’s when I realize I’m only messing up, I just need to go with it

I go to church and ask for forgiveness, but I’m still

Drinking alcohol and smoking, I guess the devil is winning

I need a change I need to change, I’m friends with my demons

I get mental disturbed when the preacher do couple of sermons

I have regrets and sorrows, and pain isn’t what I seek

I can’t afford to be messing up with my future every week

Its nice to be drunk but alcohol isn’t actually that delicious

Its like lust, sometimes it can make you be too vicious

Getting wasted and dumb like that its just for pleasure

And the girl I’m in love with is supposed to be my treasure

But for me all those things seems like they’re just


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Featured image credits to Life-Of-Pix on Pixabay

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Chukwuma Livinus Ndububa
Chukwuma Livinus Ndububa
4 months ago

This poem reflects a raw and honest exploration of personal struggles and self-discovery. The juxtaposition of the fast-paced, indulgent lifestyle with the realization of the need for change creates a compelling narrative. The introspective moments convey a genuine desire for self-improvement and a recognition of the potential consequences. The poet’s journey from seeking pleasure to contemplating a more meaningful path adds depth to the narrative.

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