Standing beside the window,

Looking at those moon’s spots,

Thinking of those meadows,

For which the poor men took the shots,

I tried to unlearn all of them.

Laying on the bed at night,

Trying to give my soul delight,

Forgetting the shrieks of poor wives,

But the tears of children took my sight,

When I tried to unmind all of them.

Hearing all my life this phrase,

Saving other will make you glaze,

Giving your heart a wide space,

And what I saw was inhumane,

That I tried to unsee all of them.

Gazing at a lovely meadow,

Looking at the working widow,

Praising the strong farmer’s kiddo,

I admired their faces looking at the sky,

Then, I tried and closed my evil eye.

And there, arrive the ruthless men,

I counted the number, they were ten.

Tried to snatch that piece of land,

For which the owner took the stand,

And, I tried to pray for all of them.

After some time, guns came out,

Wives and children crying their heart out,

It started to rain from dark clouds,

And then the blood got mixed with water,

In shock, I tried to call my father.

But I was late for lives were paid,

Beyond my strength, I can’t stay,

For I think my evil eye looked at them,

Without my permission, without my consent,

So, I tried! I tried! To unsee all of them.

Now I am home and alive I am,

Safe I am and secured I am,

But anxious and traumatic,

Head in mom’s lap, weeping I am,

Still trying to unlearn all of them.

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Featured image credits to Bertsz from Pixabay

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