Spring ~by Tashi Gyeltshen

The season of green as hypnotizing as painted optimism.
The mother of all other seasons with a delightful sheen.
You bloom as symphonious as teacherly mannerism.

The season of charming foliage
Invites hummingbirds that might cut the petals or weave nests on you with diligence
Or bees might dance musically at such an elevation of footage.
You stand to me elegantly with my teacher’s patience.

The season of hope and flies
Ornamented by the evanescent rays of an orange sun.
And who that socks in the confetti of rain like Pluviophiles
You open my mind and take to that cradle of a learning barn.

The season of shape and symbol.
I can visualise divine curves
The epitome of the sagacity of renewal
You help me picture of my teachers’ drives.

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Featured image credits to Pezibear on Pixabay

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