Life is a gift so rare,
A journey that we all must share,
A chance to love, to laugh, to learn,
To make the most of every turn.

Life is a precious thing indeed,
A seed that grows, a planted seed,
A chance to bloom and thrive and shine,
To seize the day and make it mine.

Life is a mystery, deep and wide,
A path that we must all decide,
A chance to follow where it leads,
To plant new roots and sow new seeds.

Life is a journey, a winding road,
A story waiting to be told,
A chance to love and to be loved,
To soar on wings like a snow-white dove.

Life is a moment, fleeting and fast,
A blink of an eye, it doesn’t last,
A chance to make the most of time,
To live each day like it’s sublime.

Life is a teacher, wise and true,
A mentor that will guide us through,
A chance to learn from every pain,
To dance in sunshine and in rain.

Life is a blessing, a precious thing,
A symphony that we must sing,
A chance to find our inner voice,
To make a difference and rejoice.

Life is a gift, a treasure to hold,
A story that is yet untold,
A chance to write our destiny,
To live our lives so full and free.

So cherish every moment, every day,
And let your heart and soul come out to play,
For life is precious, a gift so rare,
A journey that we all must share.

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Featured image credits to Sponchia from Pixabay

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