How Can I Say Goodbye? ~by David Collins

Image credited to A_Wandering_Pear

Why do we speak of tomorrow when we live in yesterday?
Why do we scream words that hurt instead of what our hearts want to say?
Why do we smile although we bring each other pain?
Why do we keep leaving when we know we’ll be back again?
Why do we mistake sex for when for are making love?
Why do we say I love you when we don’t even remember what it was?
How can love be so kind then turn out to be so cold?
How can my arms feel so empty from what my heart deserves to hold?
How can it be forever if we cannot hold on to today?
How can I say I love you with so much pain in the way?
How can I say goodbye to someone I never wanted to leave?
How can I say I love you when I know it’s just a dream?

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Featured image credits to A_Wandering_Pear from Pixabay

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