A Crippled Boy ~by Matthew B Mendoza

Image credited to debowscyfoto

A crippled boy stands in the middle of the road. An unseen future, A story untold. His clothes turned cold; the winter made the mud corrode. Thinking to himself, Will I ever grow old? Quietly watching, as his life unfolds. As a teen now, I feel confused. Skipping school, but never amused. Trying to figure out which path to choose. In the end, he’ll always lose.

So, in the end, he chose the noose. A father sits at an empty table, with an empty glass. Thinking to himself, life went way too fast, looks out at a dark overcast, trying to forget about the past. But that night he blew out his brains with one blast. She looked for a spoon, but only found the knife. The blade to the flesh almost felt nice. The blood would flow with just one slice. It’s so hard to break out when you’re under the ice.

There’s no breathing when your neck is in a vice. But in the womb, there was a life destroyed. A soul that didn’t have a voice. Never had a chance to feel annoyed. Never had a vote, never made the choice. Should’ve been sleeping in a crib with all the toys. God dammit, this shit’s so hard, too close to home, in our backyard. It keeps going, but never too far. Walked a thousand miles, yet still close to the dark. Can I ask you, are you feeling it yet? got to me so many years ago, still no respect. All this time and we still don’t connect. What? Does shit just happen? And we still don’t reflect. A world of animals with no leashes, no pets just mental diseases. Run down, burnt broken pieces. I mean how bad can it get?

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Featured image credits to Debowscyfoto from Pixabay

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