In the darkest night, when all seems lost,
A tiny flicker of light dances across,
It’s called hope, a powerful force,
Guiding us forward on an uncertain course.

Hope is a flame that ignites the soul,
When despair consumes, it takes control,
It whispers softly in the times of despair,
Promising that better days are near…

When storms rage and tears are shed,
Hope is the shelter where courage is fed,
It lift us up when we stumble and fall,
Filling our hearts with reassuring call.

Hope brings strength to the weary heart,
A balm for wounds that tear us apart,
It kindle dreams in the depth of our mind,
With the belief that anything is possible to find.

In the face of adversity, hope stands tall,
Inspiring us to rise, never to sprawl,
It fuels resilience and the will to fight.,
To conquer the challenges,with all our might.

Hope is the beacon that leads the way,
Through the darkest night and longest days,
For even in the time when all seems lost,
Hope carry us forward, no matter the cost…

So let us hold on to hope’s gentle embrace,
In it’s presence, our spirit find solace,
For with hope as our guide
We’ll overcome,
And witness miracle unfold one by one.


Want to try your hand at poetry? Email me at poeticiapoems@gmail.com

Featured image credits to Jordan_Singh on Pixabay

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