Amidst sunflowers,
In her orange coloured
ballerina flats,
Nearby the mango trees nearby,
Swaying in the breeze,
Spots a black and white cat,
Its meows pique her interest,
She shares her bread,
A simple act of kindness

As she resumes to walk,
She observed a beautiful little spot to have her picnic,
As she places her patterned blanket down,
She saw the cat followed her,
So, while setting down her strawberry,
And pouring her wine,
The cat sits beside her asking to be stroked,
She talks of her white laced gloves,
And She caressed the beautiful cat,

Opening a book with her red-painted nails,
She starts reading,
Word by word,
Imagining she is experiencing what she’s reading,
Picturing each scene of what colours, outfits, and emotions are being read

A few moments later,
A mango falls right into her lap,
The cat flinches,
Caroline thinking,
That it looks delicious,
She then,
Takes a bite,
All of a sudden feeling dizzy,
Like In a dream,
Dazed and confused,
Caroline starts slowly drifting into a slumber,

The next second,
She sees what she had just read in her book,
She views the Hollywood sign,
Grabs a newspaper,
It’s year 1956,
A man grabs her,
Tells her to get ready for her audition,
As she dresses up in a red and black pencil dress with a cat on the side,
Her hair swept in a hairstyle known as ‘The Beehive’,

Now trying to go over her lines which she only has now to learn,
Time to go onto the casting stage,
Coming out with every word,
With every emotion,
She quickly finishes,
The casting directors,
Casting assistance,
Studio Executives,
Including more,
Start picking up their hands and clapping,
Now She,
Knows she got the role,
But a weird dizzy feeling hits her,
She falls to the ground

While getting up,
She’s back to herself,
No longer in her ‘book of life’,
Back to reality,
Back to that picnic,
Back with that black and white cat,
Confused with big emotions hitting her,
Scared because she had been poisoned by this mango,
And this dream…
It gave her a feeling of unaccomplished dreams,
Not only did she go into the life of her book,
She also was living her dream life,
Had this been her wake-up call to catch that dream?
It felt like it.


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Featured image credits to josealbafotos on Pixabay

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