Do you ever wake up tired because your future frightens you?

Asking yourself if you’ll be successful, will your future be bright

And when you have God and faith you have the aspects of hope
Knowing if you were weak, you would kill yourself
with a rope

Because failure and disappointment are ideas
you cannot cope

Wondering why you went to school just for your destiny to be insane

Evaluating whether it is worth it or not to enjoy the oxygen we inhale

Being pressured by parents and ending up being a real disappointment

The thought of struggles you once faced made a reappointment

As a young person, you struggle the most as you grow older
Those memories are the type your brain puts them in a folder

Holding onto them for you as a sign of progress and remembrance

Our parents tried, but my father didn’t, my beard is the only resemblance

We need to make it in life, but sometimes education doesn’t take us far

We are looking for jobs getting rejected until we end up in a bar

If we not running to alcohol our substitute will always be the grass

I’m talking about weed forgetting our minds are fragile, sensitive as glass

After not getting answers, we blame the universe and take our own lives
I knew two girls who are gone now before they wanted to be wives

But they couldn’t cope with the struggle, fate gave them a situation they couldn’t handle

I see it’s a trend when Grade 12s write exams you wish them good luck with a candle

And I wish those kids who are quiet but going through a lot could earn a Mandel

They choose to be silent and act good, I expect them to be treated with such delicacy

I’m not judging but if things don’t work out don’t choose to get paid through intimacy

I wrote this piece to make sure I’m not talking about myself and some of you relate

Get up and be a go-getter and make sure for your future you don’t be late

In this journey, we all have oppositions but don’t ever be too competitive

Create your path and hold on tight but use God as your representative.


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Featured image credits to a_scarcy on Pixabay

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