I chose to be alone to avoid the fact that my anger was justified.
Never thought I would depend on anyone till the day I testified

I thought I was over a particular person but I feel like I need closure

The human being that God created for me used to maintain my composure

But in the end, I’m by myself hurting and no one can hold me back.

I remember that I used to tell someone I loved her till she told me back

Fate wasn’t fair at first because it only taught my soul violence

The person who could’ve helped me, instead of me, chose silence

And when my grandmother became an angel, my mind and heart couldn’t balance

And I didn’t have the confidence to tell my mom, I was a moron

I always tell people to develop common sense, I guess mine wasn’t common
Every day when I went to school, I didn’t feel okay being around my peers

I felt like they wouldn’t understand and laugh when I dropped a few tears

Last year tragedies happened, and I cried after all these years

There had never been oceans in my eyes till I had to face my fears

I experienced a breaking point, that’s when pain turned into a statement
My heart ordered love and I gave it anger, I guess hurt was my payment

I’m not questioning you God, but did all demons start off as angels?

And they ended up making mistakes like working out their angles

They couldn’t act accordingly while their life was fleeting

I hope you answer my prayers soon, we need a meeting

Talk about how proud you could be of me someday
And discuss the fact that I have never been good and now I have found your way

Father, guide me on putting my rage into retirement

I hold these grudges and anger controls me; I’m done being enslaved

All this time I battled my wars alone but now I seek your involvement

We all fight our struggles; I’m facing anxiety and some are fighting for unemployment

And God please soften my mind also, I have an astonishing lack of discernment.


Want to try your hand at poetry? Email me at poeticiapoems@gmail.com

Featured image credits to ThankYouFantasyPictures on Pixabay

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