It hurts
It really hurts
Everytime you say you hate me
The look in your eyes when you look at me in disgust because I’m not perfect like you pictured me to be
It hurts
When I bury myself in deep thoughts no one ponders about because I know I’m not good enough
It isn’t fair
I don’t want to be in a world where my own family disown me
I don’t want to be the black sheep anymore
“I need you”
as I softly whisper into a pillow
Mum dad are you listening to me I’m hollow
Your baby girl needs you
She doesn’t know what she’s doing anymore
Is my life worthless ?
Hello mum?
Oh yeah that’s right I forgot
I’ll always be that black sheep and you’ll never hear my cry
All I want is for you to know how hard I try
to fight the demons and the voices in my head every single day ,
that tell me to pray that the gods take me away
But I’m better than that
I know you will never see
But I’m done with that hat
Yes that’s right that hat
The one that weighs me down
And makes me feel worthless
I’m done I’m better than that
I’m hurt but I’m getting back up
Watch me become that person no one thought I could be
The person who truly is me
Watch out because she will be back
We are coming back
Until we meet again
The Unknown


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Featured image credits to Hansuan_Fabregas on Pixabay

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