In the expansive realm where tempests stir,
‘Mid waves aglow and skies that blur,
Resides a titan, the ocean’s might,
The shark, in silent majesty, takes flight.

Amid undulating waves it strays,
With grace unmatched in fluid ballet,
The shark, a sovereign in liquid’s realm,
Commands respect, an oceanic helm.

Born from the sea’s core, a symbol of power,
Eyes delve into the sea’s dark bower,
Alive with tales and unsolved mystery,
A dance with history in liquid symphony.

Each dorsal fin parts the vast expanse,
Unveiling lore that continues to enhance,
Secrets tucked within the ocean’s hold,
A realm of marvel, stories yet untold.

In fathomless deeps, its presence revered,
Majestic grace, a ruler endeared,
Nature’s artwork, in boundless grace,
The shark, a sovereign in aqueous space.

Majestic, revered, a rare creation,
Roaming the abyss with no limitation,
A living legend, the ocean’s decree,
The supreme lord of watery spree.

In deeper oceans where secrets play,
Amidst the whispers where tales hold sway,
The shark presides, a keeper of lore,
Guardian of depths, forevermore.

Beneath the blue where secrets gleam,
Master of depths, where stories teem,
The shark, an emblem of silent might,
In the ocean’s heart, a vivid sight.

In tides that murmur and waves that sing,
The shark commands, a realm to bring,
A world of awe, a realm in arc,
The enigmatic ruler, the shark’s embark.


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Featured image credits to PIRO4D on Pixabay

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