[Narrative Poem]

In late December 2020, came our clarion call,
Brilliant minds, diverse plans, in unison we stood tall.
Petroleum’s siren song beckoned, our daunting fate,
A historic 278, our department’s highest enrollment rate.
Amidst COVID’s shadows, masked in unity we stayed,
Kumapley Auditorium, January 19, our premiere lecture laid.
Communication Skills I, English fears faced, a lecturer’s guiding light,
Navigating the engineering maze, challenges began clouding our sight.

Yet, hope sewn in our hearts, defying the job market’s toil,
And we were so proud of our motherland, its riches in rock and soil.
And reflecting on history: Tano Basin’s bosom, 1896’s triumphant oil,
Our hearts glowed, fueling spirits to stay true to our field and remain loyal..

First year glided sweetly, a journey’s pleasant start,
Alas, second year crisis hit, backbone courses weighed our heart.
Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics hitting hard,
And Swimming’s almost lost tale left us mute and deeply scarred.

Second-year verses and a hint of third still in the beat,
Reservoir Engineering, Drilling, Production—our heartbeats.
Grumbling nights, assignments flooding our way,
And soon, some lecturers turned foes, faces we wouldn’t stare.
But much later, we saw they were guiding us with care,
Fortifying us for the tough engineering world out there.

Here unfolds another tale, secrets none to hide,
For in this class, great destinies gracefully reside;
Politicians, lawyers, doctors, musicians, engineers… in the making,
Oh, some faces vanished, dreams soaring, paths for the taking.
Third-year first semester sprang, so short a time to rest,
As hurdles crammed in, intensifying our academic unrest;
Capstone projects, real-world applications in sight,
Applying theories proudly, basking in a professional light.

Alas, after the acid papers, CWA’s crisis came knocking,
Leaving most of us lost, in dreams, so shocking.
But we persevered, fueled by determination’s fire,
Believing we will conquer and rise higher and higher.
Third-year second semester dawned, hopes struck with force,
Geological field trip, our awaited call, set a promising course.
And in bright reflectors and helmets, to Central-Western we turn,
Seas, rocks, nature’s intricate arts, spectacles geared to learn.

Now, we stand to the fourth, our final year’s call,
An arduous last dance, a testament to all.
And nearing this chapter’s tale,
We stand as graduates, ready to set sail.

To those at our lowest, take heart and let’s not despair the night,
For life unfolds uniquely, grace in every plight.
And to those scaling peaks, kudos but complacency let’s beware,
Cos success is an ongoing journey, a continual affair.

Now, gratitude to our lecturers:
Dr. Caspar, Yen, Erzuah, Sarkodie, Quaye, Adjei, Ernest…;
For these are our guides in the frays, mentors we fully attest
And with God by our side, our sacrifices will surely manifest.


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Featured image credits to u_rltityrz68 on Pixabay

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