My Shadow ~by Christine Peel

  I have a little shadow
              Which follows me around,
        Although I’m often standing up
           It much prefers the ground.

             It’s such a faithful replica,
                 With no imagination.
            It always copies what I do
               Without consideration!

           Please, may I ask you, one and all,
                (Perhaps somebody knows)
      Why with each passing daylight hour
           My shadow shrinks and grows?

                   Another fact I’ve noticed
                    On a dull and dreary day
                     My shadow very sensibly
                         Hides thoroughly away.

                      And can You tell me, why at night
                          As I walk down the street,
                ***My shadow moves and multiplies
                        But never leaves my feet?

                    Then at the end of every day
                         As I switch off the light,
             My shadow jumps in bed with me
           And sleeps right through the night?   

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Featured image credits to Dragon77 from Pixabay

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