In the realm of dreams, where secrets hide,
A crush like yours, I can’t deny.
Your smile, a beacon, a guiding light,
In the stillness of my lonely night.

Your laughter, like a gentle breeze,
Bringing warmth and sweet release.
In your presence, my heart takes flight,
Lost in the magic of your delight.

I cherish the moments our eyes have met,
A symphony of feelings, a tune I won’t forget.
Each stolen glance, a silent prayer,
For the day you might truly care.

My crush, a fire that burns so bright,
A constellation in my darkest night.
I long to know if you feel the same,
In your heart, does burn a flame?

Though words unsaid, emotions soar,
I hope one day, you’ll want to explore.
The beauty of love, a journey new,
With a heart that beats just for you.

So here I am, in this poetic rhyme,
Hoping to capture your heart’s sweet chime.
A love that’s hidden, yet so true,
My crush, my hope, my dreams with you.

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Featured image credits to Elf-Moondance on Pixabay.

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