Am I your secret light, hidden from day?
I am your reflection of moonlight you say?
Although, your light touches my heart in this way.

So distant from your warmth, that I feel, on my way.
I start over anew as night turns to day.
It goes on forever, day after day.
A cycle unyielding, uncompromising this way!
The moon is seen, at night best!
This is what you say?
We’ve always known it’s this same old way.
It’s lonely to know, there’s never a day.
I will chase you almost forever and your light on the way.
Seeking out refuge even, just for a day.

Oh, once more…
Do you not hear what you say?!
Where are you, my love?
I am here, for a moment, never to stay!
As I start to chase you and the light of your rays.
Your journey continues to see me to this day!
At night it seems, you’re here to see me and stay.
Exposing me fully, to all that you may!
So, I Bask in your light as night turns to day.
Why am I so lonely as night turns to day?
At least you still hold me in your light until day.
I will always chase you, to stop and hear you say.
Will you let me hold you?!
Please let me stay.
Do we have to keep going around in this way?

Ever since I’ve known you, I’ve loved you this way!
I cannot let go of you, please let me stay.
But I can’t control you.
I just cannot say…
How long have I told you, I’d be here some days?

I’ve always known you by the light of your rays.
Reflecting the whole of you by night on your way.
I’ve never shown you for a moment, I can stay!
When can I know you through night and through day?
Can’t I just hold you, from night on through day?
I’ve always loved you, in so many ways!
I’ve never told you; my love is this way.
You are my moon, let me be your Ray.
But I cannot control you.
I like you this way.
You are my moon.
The light after day.
I love you eternal.!
Although, I can’t stay.

This embrace is a dance, turning night into day.
This light that I’ve shown you is eternal this way.
I’ve always known you, that, you cannot stay.
Why do I love you and chase you this way?!
I’ve never owned you and I wished you would stay.
Tonight, I will hold you, then on your way.
But I’ve never told you that I like it this way!…
I’ve never shown you my light in, this way.

If I were to tell you…
Would it be this way?
I would still chase you, from night until day.
When time has but ended and it’s no longer this way.
You’ll always and forever be stuck in my way!
With all I have promised, will you let me stay?
You are my moon; will you make me your Ray?
Please let me see you?!
If not forever.
At Least until day?
I won’t disappoint you…
The other half of my day


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Featured image credits to kaleddis on Pixabay

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