In the shadows of oppression
In the shadows of oppression, a whisper stirs,
A revolution ignited by the unheard

Through clenched fists and voices raised,
The disenfranchised demand to be praised

In the ink of courage, the verses are penned,
A poem of defiance, where freedoms blend.

Equality blooms in the face of the fight,
A revolution’s anthem, breaking the night

From chains of injustice, rising like the sun,
In the heart of the people, the revolution’s begun.
So let the words echo, a call to be free,
A revolutionary poem, for humanity.

A rumbling stirs in the oppressive shadows,
A revolution sparked by silence
The disaffected demand to be praised with clinched fists and shouted voices.

The lines are scrawled in the bravery’s pigment,
A poetry that blends liberty in opposition.

When equality faces opposition, it flourishes,
An anthem of revolt, shattering the night.

The revolution has started in the hearts of the people, rising like the sun from the chains of oppression.

Thus, let the call to be free reverberate.

A poetry that revolutionised humanity.


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Featured image credits to milolao on Pixabay

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