You find yourself alone even with everyone there
Hoping they don’t see you, judgemental eyes everywhere

Wishing you could somehow make it to your room
But it doesn’t take long for it to feel like a tomb

Everything you do seems like such a chore
Most days you don’t even make it past your bedroom door

It’s hard to admit there may be something wrong
But you haven’t been yourself for way too long

You don’t know what to do, feels like you reached your end
Out of time, out of breath, too tired to try again

People try to make you feel bad for feeling bad
Maybe they would understand if they lost everything they had

At least you realize you could really use some help
You’re just not strong enough to make the call yourself

You may not believe that there is really someone there
To help you with everything because they love and care.


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Featured image credits to ady34 on Pixabay

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