Dear Mom, in shadows cast so deep,
I write these words, my heart to keep.
With trembling hand and heavy heart,
I’ll tell you how our worlds did part.

You left this world, so silently,
A pain so deep, it swallowed me.
They called me orphan, that harsh word,
My life forever altered, blurred.

I don’t know what love is now,
Without your presence, guiding how.
You were my rock, my guiding star,
My beacon in this world so far.

Now I’m adrift, lost in the sea,
No lighthouse there to comfort me.
I long for your warm, loving embrace,
To see your smile, to touch your face.

People say that time will heal,
But the void you left is all too real.
I ache for the love you used to give,
In this new world, I barely live.

But though you’re gone, your love’s alive,
In memories that I’ll always strive.
To keep you close in heart and mind,
Your love, in me, I’ll always find.

Dear Mom, though you’ve passed away,
Your love in my heart will forever stay.
And though I’m labeled orphan, it’s true,
My love for you will always renew.


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Featured image credits to Mohamed_hassan on Pixabay

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