Unspoken realities are a wandering soul

They are found only if you seek them

Here’s an unspoken reality

Truth schemes with a friend

A cloak covering deception

Blinding the world’s perception

Darkness hidden in plain sight

The darkness of the heart

Darkness of the soul 

The darkness of the mind

So many forms to meet

The darkness of words

Darkness in the light

The darkness in divinity

Trusted words smoked clouds in my head

Unable to tell an honest glance from another

But after many an ageing sun finally

Did tears pour when the truth bled

Look at the exchanging hands of power

They have me question hearts of sincerity

Why should you exist in an ungodly world,

Where you are but every man’s bluff?

The darkness of power

The darkness of greed

Darkness of sorrow

The darkness of need

But the truth is no star of the night 

The mother of all black holes

A shape-shifting mystery

Vanishing ink from the pages of history

Playing a cruel game against humanity

No lie at all, truth and darkness coexist

In life, in death, and in between

Revealing their bond when all is lost

Darkness in the lies

In the ground and the skies

Darkness in a smile

In the simple, in the wise

Want to try your hand at poetry? Email me at poeticiapoems@gmail.com

Featured image credits to Story-Untold from Pixabay

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