With a Gladsome Heart ~by Oscar Auliq-Ice

With a gladsome heart, I set out to the world,
Through valleys and hills, my spirit unfurled,
I wandered far and wide, with no fear or doubt,
My soul filled with joy, as I journeyed about.

The sun shone bright, with its warm golden light,
And the flowers bloomed, in a rainbow of delight,
The birds sang sweetly, with their melodious voice,
And my heart rejoiced, in their songs and their poise.

I met many people, on my way through life,
Some filled with happiness, some filled with strife,
But I carried on, with my head held high,
For I knew in my heart, the truth couldn’t lie.

With each step I took, I grew stronger and bolder,
For the world was my oyster, and I was its soldier,
I faced every challenge, with a fearless heart,
And emerged victorious, in every single part.

The mountains I climbed, were steep and high,
But I never faltered, or let out a sigh,
For with a gladsome heart, I faced every trial,
And triumphed over each obstacle, with a smile.

As I look back, on my life so far,
I see a path, that’s been both bright and bizarre,
But I’m filled with joy, and a sense of pride,
For with a gladsome heart, I’ve lived, and I’ve thrived.

So I’ll keep on journeying, through life’s ups and downs,
With a gladsome heart, and a smile that knows no bounds,
For the world is a treasure, that’s waiting to be found,
And with a gladsome heart, I’ll explore it, unbound.

Want to try your hand at poetry? Email me at poeticiapoems@gmail.com

Featured image credits to Jordan_Singh on Pixabay

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