When I See Myself ~by Joyita Chakravorty

Image credited to Fang_Y_M

When I see myself on that platform
Again, by an empty side,
With blank letters inside the envelope
I opened my eyes and closed it again
The gray shades of pillars,
With the deep black sky
The sound of metal,
With smoke-filled air
The burning heels of the ground beneath
Opening its mouth and consuming me
The clock is stuck as the time goes by
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Does it matter?
Everything is blurry in front of these eyes
The sirens are calling my name,
Like a sweet melody
But still, the pages are vacant
The pages which are supposed to be filled with promises
The sound of tears mixed with wet presence
The scream of blank pages touched by quiet lips
And just like every day, the train passes by

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Featured image credits to Fang_Y_M

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Chukwuma Livinus Ndububa
Chukwuma Livinus Ndububa
7 months ago

This poem beautifully captures a sense of contemplation and introspection amid a stark and atmospheric setting. The imagery of an empty platform, blank letters, and the haunting details of the surroundings evoke a feeling of solitude and mystery. The repetition of time, the blurred perspectives, and the juxtaposition of concrete details like burning heels with abstract concepts like consuming ground create a vivid yet enigmatic atmosphere. The mention of vacant pages and the unfulfilled promises adds a poignant layer to the emotional depth of the piece. The recurring motif of the passing train adds a rhythmic quality, emphasizing the cyclical nature of the contemplative journey.

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