I am sitting under the naked sky,
bearing my deepest desires.
He is covered with stormy clouds, with wind on its command but
at the nook, there is a glint of gold,
which is his heart…fading with every passing second.
His eyes have spelled everyone and
his whispers have made every soul shy … But
he is standing there with command and no emotion,
I beg him, to bear his feelings even if it is hatred for us…for me…
I will take anything he is willing to give.

And all of a sudden the leaves stopped whispering,
the wind stopped swaying,
and the music of the flowers died,
That’s when I looked up and realized,
he was gone…forever..in the darkness of secrecy
and I couldn’t save him…I couldn’t hold onto him,
like every other being…
Once again we were just a mere spectator to the disappearing beam of light,
and then , they ask me why I love darkness…
It took my love whom I couldn’t hold in my arms
and tell that I was there
and would die in his memories.


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Featured image credits to DGSstudios on Pixabay

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