“The Path to Ecstasy”

I strolled through the serene forest,
In quest of freedom and euphoria.
I discovered it in giving the little birds in a throng
A chalice of water and scattered grain.

The birds descended, twittering with elation,
Pecked at the grain and sipped the crystal water,

Their hearts brimmed with contentment,
And I found the serenity of happiness.

I found a beggar asking voluntary alms
I dropped a coin in his little wallet
His blind eyes sparkled with great joy
I cherished my happiness readily there.

The stray dog, wounded and forlorn,
Incapable of procuring sustenance in its quest,

Rejoiced immensely when I extended a morsel,
My ecstasy soared in harmony with its spirit.

When I freed a group of caged birds
They rightly flew away to the sky

They were as free as the wind blows
And makes my heart leap with joy.

I helped the old man with sticks
As he faltered crossing the bustling thoroughfare,

He bestowed his blessings upon me for this trifling gesture,
And I felt the sublime happiness within my heart.

The road is eternally open to all
To bestow benevolence upon those in distress,

Bliss will envelop your consciousness,
You need not fret about its pursuit.


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Featured image credits to JooJoo41 on Pixabay.

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