She walks with grace ~by Miguel Degbor

She walks with grace and a poise so fine,

A sight to behold, one so divine,

With long brunette hair that sways and flows,

In the gentle breeze on sunny days.

Her hazel eyes, so deep and bright,

They sparkle like stars in the sky,

And of what she wears,

Sings more of who she is.

She moves with ease, much like a gentle breeze,

And her smile just melts and appease,

Her skin may constitute her beauty

In truth is a pure reflection of what’s within.

Her heart is kind,

her soul so pure,

A beauty so rare,

it’s hard to endure,

But there she stands,

before all to see,

A vision of loveliness,

as free as a bird.

And so we pause, to admire her grace,

To cherish her beauty, in this lovely place,

For she is a gift, a treasure so rare,

A girl with long silky hair and hazel eyes, beyond compare.

Signed M to …

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Featured image credits to Foundry on Pixabay

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