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Whether you take poetry as a serious art form you wish to master or it is just a creative or emotional outlet for you, your poem might be good either way to be published. Because there is no single objective definition of “good poetry.” Many confuse good poetry with a string of complicated words. But what is a poem really without its heart and soul? Even if your poem is written in the simplest language possible, it should connect with people. But still, if you are not sure about publishing your poetry online, read on.

Here are the signs you should look for in good poetry

  1. There is a deeper meaning to the words

Most of the poetry you read that makes you feel something are the ones that pack layers of meaning in it. If your poem is superficial with no deep inner meaning, it will not tug at the heartstrings of your readers. So, apart from what your poem says at the first read, it should also make your readers pause and introspect.

2. Your poem has a central theme

It is not necessarily bad if your poem focuses on too many ideas or emotions, but there has to be a crux to it. All the concepts or feelings in your poetry should not be scattered and tied together in your reader’s head to focus on a single thought. Before writing, gain clarity on what you want your readers to carry away from the poem

3. You have used storytelling

The sign of good poetry is that it essentially tells a story. It can be a story of your childhood, a random day, a traumatic event or even a figment of your imagination. But to hook your readers to your poem, tell a story. Now, the story can be abstract or one with an open ending left to the reader’s interpretation, which is up to you to decide.

4. The words paint a visual picture

Any poem that is highly descriptive and has good imagery, will likely not fail to impress readers. What can be more delightful for an audience than to enjoy a cinematic experience through words? Without this, your poem might fall flat.

5. You have cut out all the unnecessary fluff

In poetry, “less is more.” It is all about saying a lot without actually saying a lot. Sounds contradictory? It is not! Be cutthroat while editing your poem, and cut out any word or sentence that does not add anything to it. Condense your lines as much as you can.

6. There is a natural flow in the poem

A poem’s signature is its rhythm. The words and sentences in your poetry have to flow, one merging into the other. The sign of good poetry is that it should sound good when read aloud.

Maybe writing poetry is something you passionately pursue, or it is merely a hobby. But if your poem has the elements mentioned above, you should think about publishing your poetry. Be confident and go ahead and submit your poem on my website, Poeticia.

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