I’ve visited the UK twice, Scotland and Exeter! I also traveled to Torquay, and I must say, if these places do not scream poetry, what does? Yes, there are other amazing places too, but the beauty of the winters, the joy in solitude, the gloominess at night, and the calmness of lonely emotions are enhanced in these places.

Those living in the UK, interested to write poems have got the canvas all to themselves. So, do you want to get your poems published online? It’s easy if you are mindful of a few guidelines to set you on the right path. Poetry is one of the most beautiful forms of self-expression that allows you to convey your feelings and emotions. With so many booming online poetry publication platforms, it has become very easy for poetry writers across the globe to showcase their work to the world.

If you are also passionate about writing poetry and putting it out there for people to see, you must try your hands at online publications.

Why get your poems published online?

  • Getting your work featured alongside other writers will boost your self-confidence and public profile as a poet.
  • Publishing your poem online is a much easier process than in offline magazines and journals.
  • Many online poetry submission websites have a rating or comment feature where you can get feedback to improve your poetry.

How to get poetry published in the UK?

The next question in your head might be “How to publish a poem in the UK?” To get your poems published on online publication platforms, you have to follow a process. In this blog, we will guide you through the process so that you can easily get your poetry published.

Step-by-step process to get your poem published online:

  • Make a list

Research and find out which platforms are accepting submissions currently. Make a list of all the online poetry publication platforms where you want to publish your poem.

  • Check the guidelines

Each online poetry publication platform has its guidelines and rules for submissions. Check them thoroughly and note each of them. You will find submission guidelines regarding everything- what genre of poetry is acceptable on that platform, how to format your document, the tone of poetry, etc. Ensure you follow every rule to the tee to improve the chances of your submission getting accepted.

  • Go through the other published poems

Study the other pieces of work published on the platform you are aiming to publish your poetry. What is the most common genre or theme of the poems? What is the usual tonality of the poems? Does it match yours? Is your writing style compatible with the ones published?

  • Follow the submission deadline

Keep your poetry ready for submission at least a day or two before the deadline so that you get enough time to make any last-moment changes if necessary. Double or triple-check that you have followed all the application guidelines thoroughly before you press submit.

Poeticia is an online poetry publication platform that encourages poets to form a consistent writing habit by publishing their poetry. You can reach out to us if you want to publish your own poems. Some of the other online poetry publication platforms in the UK are Hello Poetry, Poem Hunter, All Poetry, etc. Be it my website like Poeticia, try these other websites as well. Just make sure you write with the passion and dedication of your soul. So, skip overthinking because it’s time for you to get your poetry published online.


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