Healing My Heart ~by Karthi

Trapped in a world of memories,
I long for the days that were so bright,
When love was pure and true,
And our hearts beat asone, so tight.

But now the love has faded,
And the flame has died down low,
Leaving us lost and alone,
With nowhere else to go.

I wonder where the love went,
And how it slipped away,
Leaving us withone in perfect harmony.

But now those moments are gone,
Lost in the winds of change,
And all I have left to hold onto,
Are the echoes of that love so strange.

I thought we had it all,
That our bond was unbreakable,
But now we stand so far apart,
Our love fading, unshakeable.

Every night I lay awake,
Memories flooding back in waves,
Lost in the pain of our break,
Wondering how my heart ever became so enslaved.

But as the sun rises each day,
I try to let go and move on,
For even though our love is lost,
Life still goes on.

And though I may have lost you,
I know that I’m not alone,
For love will come again,
And I will find a new home.

Want to try your hand at poetry? Email me at poeticiapoems@gmail.com

Featured image credits to 5644349 on Pixabay

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