Regretting life decisions, depressed and on my period,
Confused on what to do, who to talk to and where to begin,
Crying constantly, secretly, in the shadows hidden.
Finding a little happiness in the glow of screens,
Movies and dramas, melodies that stir the soul,
Trying to find solace in prayers whispered softly.

Holding onto everything together but can’t seem to balance,
Feel like I’m about to fall, teetering on the edge of despair,
Trying really hard not to collapse, to crumble into nothing.

Any love left in my relationship? Any respect left?
In this relationship, do I still find traces of trust? Anything?
Feeling weak and hopeless, adrift in a sea of doubts,
Am I not allowed any freedom? Am I just a thing that can be used?

Trying my best but not able to see any success,
Feeling tired but unable to sleep, trapped in the maze of my mind,
Not wanting to do anything anymore, listless and lost.

Don’t have a life goal anymore, no more dreams,
Passion extinguished, and no motivation for even the smallest things,
Wanting to run away so far away that no one can find me,
But what’s the point of that either? What purpose would it serve?

Why not just…end it, the whispers echo in the silence,
But within this turmoil, a flicker of hope lingers,
A distant glimmer that reminds me of resilience,
Of the strength to endure, to rise above the darkness.

Dear Diary, I’ll hold on a little longer,
For in these pages, I find my refuge,
In these words, I find my voice,
And in these thoughts, I find my solace.


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Featured image credits to Kokah111 on Pixabay

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