In a world that whispers caution to daughters bold, Keep distance, they say, for the world can be cold. Avoiding even kin, a wary hand they’re told to hold, A dance of fear spun, tales of dangers untold.

Indian daughters, shielded from their parents’ eye, Their dreams suppressed, their aspirations shy. Silent about bullies, fearing blame’s cruel cry, Their hearts yearning to spread wings and fly.

Love, a natural longing, but a secret it must stay, For fear of reprimand, they dare not say.
Marriage looms, society’s dictates at play,
But in their own path, they yearn to stray.

Parents, elders, lived their life’s stride,
Yet daughters mustn’t in their shadows abide.
Forge your destiny, don’t let fear reside,
Craft your tale, be your own guide.

No one truly belongs, in this vast domain,
But leave a mark, a legacy to attain.
For your life, seize the reins, break every chain,
A story of resilience, in your name, ascertain.


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Featured image credits to KELLEPICS on Pixabay

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