Just like every year, I am counting the days
Always wanted to be the FIRST to make you a wish in a special way
Yesterday when I opened my half-shut eyes,
It was already midday…
Still in bed, I felt the hot sun in the sky,
The sky of the pretty month of May,
May which to me has a lot to convey!
Stretching my hands to the nightstand,
Reaching for my cell,
I took a quick look at how the world goes by,
In a sweeping move, my eyes turned to pose on the date
“Tomorrow is my father’s birthday”, I said.
The fifteenth of May is a so sacred day,
I was not pardoned to forget!
I was not even to forget so that I could remember,
Your birthday!
Rising to tidy my room, I looked at myself in the mirror,
And instead, I saw you
The same lit-up face smiling when I come closer to kiss you
And say “Happy Birthday to you!”
Dad is dead, I never convinced myself of being true.
As your memory is always living on,
Carrying on, I thought this was the clue.
Yesterday, just like today and tomorrow,
I will never be late to announce it to you
As I know deep inside, it would have made your day to hear it,
Every year, just like I always do…

Happy Birthday, Daddy even if you’re no longer there…


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Featured image credits to platinumportfolio on Pixabay

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