Once upon a time we dreamt of growing older
Carrying big dreams, little as we were younger
Look now friend at all the years gone,
Do you still wish you’d missed none?

Those little games we constantly played
Hide and seek mostly, after me you often searched
You were the winner and I often cried when I lost,
But you would shed tears when I fall, the price those games cost

Never thought life would do us part
We grew up and two ways we were set apart
A new journey in your life and in mine,
Comes to remind me that those days were a far-fetched time

But I swear by all the memories in my heart and in yours beating
To those same old places, I would come up again sitting
Turning back the wheel of time,
The time of our childhood, to which our innocence rhymes.

(Dedicated to my childhood friend ‘Mona’ in memory of the golden times)


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Featured image credits to jarmoluk on Pixabay

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