Castle on high ground where the unarmed go
when the fangs and claws in the region grow
You stand upright in the mother city
braving times and climates, yet as pretty
Cold spears and darts fly in the open air
They spike on your chest and belly laid bare
You chose to bear these strikes and cuts for me
because you see me at my mother’s knee
you sacrifice your all; I see your aim
I plan my invasion, in all but name.

Big tall mother hen, my own Boudicca!
For you, I exclaim, “Ohhh, Ohh, Eureka!”
May I see you as our brave director,
who in the frontline leads the prime sector.
As though a sailor, Prof. moves us forwards
as, on her chariot, Boudicca’s swords
Still, our keen tireless principal you are
who’s much about turning each child a star.
These Amazons here give up the right chest
to not restrain their aiming arrows’ zest
Is the lion’s young not leonine yet?
They who come out of the water are wet.
You teach, like a Chinese martial arts school
to live, defend, offend and play it cool.
Before my sixth year, I will have climbed heights
known faces mounted rostra and won fights
Beyond this grooming of the soul and mind
I shall join the outward strife of mankind
How fierce out there, but I am so prepared!
kids beaten with rods, no cane will grow scared

My stronghold, safe haven and realm divine
I left home’s cheer for this scholarly shrine
Blindness fires aimless shots in the streets
but catching shots is the least of your feats
Arrows of ignorance and misconduct
are grown pointless on hitting your construct
My new shield, armour and art of war speak
I’m braced for the old fight that routs the weak
I question wrong that triumphs over right
They who crave the freedom of life must fight

Life in my fortress knows the plight outdoors
only the weak lounge around soaring wars
Let the untrained pull back but emerge primed
it is that brawl that thwarts all arms ill-timed
Rapt ears hear cries of pain that ring through the earth
Some hearts exude grief; others exude mirth
Who must not lose should battle hard and win
for as most shots lack aims, most arms rise thin
This fight swells in time; I heed and adjust
— a child of fate and student of life must

I feel blessed to know this seat of learning
and must clinch success, the common yearning
Except for mankind, I should not raise arms
Thus, I shall offend none but that which harms
Breathing is fighting and quite venturesome
I keep to where my redemption comes from
My sword nor spear will not strike the harmless
nor would my shield not defend the helpless
It is a fight for life which could look foul
while some come ready, others in grief howl

Be not drained, teaching me to grow and love
nor trip, bracing me with schemes from above
Feel not spent consulting on my behalf
What finds a baby well will make it laugh
I see our soothing ICT workforce
whose hardware, software and ploys are on course
The citadel’s masculine figures shine
down the middle of the back, like the spine
My citadel is both female and male
What a rich mammoth heritage to hail!
Though our fortress was carved out of a rock
its frame may at length bow to absorbed shock
As countless cannons burst, miners invade
cynics’ privation tactics do here raid
Your sentinels may as well come and go
but you will stand tall, winsome and aglow
As the bounteous mother that brings food
your children will seek you in a warm mood
They will transcend lands to spread your culture
and fail every fair heart but a masked vulture

God-spurred stronghold, my divine heritage
The right thanks my mind cannot envisage
You were founded by God to brush His works
and will outlast moons, seasons and their quirks
Since in doing the Lord’s will, you flourish,
you will draw and house more souls to nourish
I will cheer to call you mine, come what may
In my heart, thoughts of you will always play
A mother’s love is, as a rule, unmatched
When I trail the world, please leave me attached
Fellow learners at Star Divine College,
keep waving the bright banner of knowledge
While you keep the tips of your pens spilling,
stay on at the book pages; stay willing
Tomorrow’s conquest crowns today’s learners
They are, first, workers who are, next, earners
All approaching keepers of our stronghold,
you may not look here but your days unfold
Come straightforwardly; come as the heroes
The way forth gleams bright, for our sun just rose.


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Featured image credits to Dlee on Pixabay

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Chukwuma Livinus Ndububa
Chukwuma Livinus Ndububa
4 months ago

This poem, “My Fortress, My Divine Heritage,” unfolds like a majestic saga, portraying the educational journey as a formidable fortress standing against the tumultuous tides of life. The metaphors of the castle, the mother hen, and the vigilant guardians create a vivid image of a nurturing stronghold that prepares students for life’s battles.

The references to historical figures like Boudicca and the acknowledgment of the formidable principal as a tireless director add layers of depth to the narrative. The poem beautifully captures the essence of education as a martial art, teaching not only to live and defend but also to play it cool in the face of challenges.

The lines about leaving home’s cheer for the scholarly shrine and the commitment to defending against ignorance and misconduct create a powerful metaphor for the sacrifices made for the pursuit of knowledge. The poem is a celebration of the dual nature of the fortress, embodying both feminine and masculine qualities, forming a rich and mammoth heritage to be hailed.

The anticipation of facing outward strife and joining the fight of mankind adds a sense of readiness and determination. The closing lines, expressing gratitude for the divine heritage and the unmatched love of a mother, resonate as a heartfelt tribute to the profound impact of education.

In essence, this poem is a lyrical ode to the transformative power of education, a testament to the resilience and preparedness instilled within students as they embark on life’s journey from the fortress of learning.

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