Poetry Anthology

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Unleash Your Inner Poet with The Poeticia Anthology

Be part of a poetry anthology

This isn’t just any anthology. The poem you write will be reviewed and a decision will be made. This is to enhance the quality of the poems in this anthology, and in doing so, your skills as a poet.

  • 5 Book Copies
  • E-Certificate for Co-Authorship
  • Editing and Proofreading Services
  • Anthology Book Cover Design
  • Kindle Listing
  • Anthology Promotions

There is a set of poetry regulations you have to follow to make sure your poem gets accepted for this anthology.

So, let’s get started with helping you understand what it will take to be a part of this Anthology.

Choose any one prompt from the below:

  1. Flowers in My Head
  2. Dreaming the Unknown
  3. Shards of My Heart

(Remember that these are prompts, which means that you must create a specific title for your poem while using any of the above prompts in your poem.)

  • Use any one of the prompts in your poem
  • Kindly send your poem in English as this is an English poetry book. A poem translated from a native language to English may not deliver the same impact.
  • Your poem should be original and not copied or a previously published poem.
  • Do not AI generate your poem.
  • The poem should contain a minimum of 4 stanzas or more and not less.
  • Let me know the prompt you have selected based on the above.
  • Make sure it is grammar-proof and free from spelling errors.
  • No SMS language unless your poem requires it in a few places (no using &, coz, cause, feelin, brb, etc.)
  • Do not write your poem based on any political or religious association.
  • Make sure your poem has the elements of poetry like words that convey imagery and figurative language.
  • Keep it simple. Do not use complex words. Example: juxtaposition, funambulist, etc.

Ready to submit your poem? Click here

Need Guidance on Writing an Amazing Poem?

Do you want to make sure your poem gets approved for this poetry anthology? Read some of these blogs below to understand more about poetry and how to write a poem.

These charges include online publishing and getting a limited set of printed copies of your book.

For any anthology-related queries, please reach out to me at poems@poeticia.com

How do I submit my poem? Click here


  1. What criteria will you use to consider my poem for your poetry anthology?

Once you submit your poem, I will review your poem based on the following factors to assess for this poetry anthology:

  • Most important criterion: Your poem should have elements of poetry like figurative lines, metaphors, similes, etc.
  • Your poem should not be AI generated or copied from another source.
  • Do not submit a previously submitted or published poem. Craft a new, original poem based on the prompts provided.
  • You should submit your poem in English.
  • If you are used to writing in another language and wish to send the translated version, I will have to check whether your poem written in English sounds poetic while reading as it should make the same impact.
  • Poems with spelling and grammatical errors will be rejected.
  • Poems with profanity, political issues, religious defaming, personality defaming, SMS language, or abbreviated words will be rejected.
  • You don’t have to stuff your poem with poetic elements but it should be poetic.
  • No stuffing of complex words to force an impact. Keep it simple unless a difficult word is further clarified in the poem.
  • The title of the poem should match with the prompt you select.
  • The title of the poem should match with the poem you have written.

2. How will I know if my poem is approved or not for publication?

I will send you an email letting you know whether your poem is approved for publication or not selected.

3. Will I be given a second chance to rewrite my poem if it is not selected?

Yes, you can retry once by improving your poem based on the guidance I have provided through these blogs:

4. Who are your poetry anthology publishers?

My poetry anthology publisher is Become Author. They will be handling the publishing, book cover design, and printed copy distribution to each co-poet in this poetry anthology.

Featured image credit: AnnieSpratt from Pixabay

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